Time To Be Price Competitive And Use A Proper Park Home Agent

We all want a good price for our park homes.  However, sometimes we can get carried away with unrealistic expectations of what our homes are worth.  Brexit and the recent election results have made everyone very cautious and uncertain about the future and this situation has a direct bearing on the price of park homes and property in general.

When you come to sell your park home the owner of Seekers, Keith, will be more than happy to guide you on the right price to ask for in today’s market.  With over 35 years experience Seekers are the exact people to contact for guidance on price and most of our clients are happy to listen to Keith’s advice.  A well kept park home listed at the correct price will have no trouble finding buyers and that is why it is most important to listen to the experts.

So, if you would like an expert to come to value your park home with a view to a quick sale contact Seekers now by completing our enquiry form on the contact page or call us on 01252 313554.


27th June 2017 - Posted in News