Yes You Can Sell In Six Weeks

The owner of the park home, Margaret, contacted Seekers because she wanted to sell her mobile home on Penton Park in Chertsey, Surrey.  What a sensible lady!  Margaret signed up with Seekers on 31st August 2017 and we found her a buyer within days!  Tony from Twickenham fell in love with Margaret’s 2 bedroom, 40 x 10, Nene Valley park home and made her an offer which was formerly accepted on 2nd September.

The selling process for a park home takes about six weeks as schedule forms have to be filled out and the park home sites have to be served with a notice of proposed sale. As you can imagine everything went very well and Tony, who bought Margaret’s home, is delighted with his purchase.

Margaret’s daughter was so pleased with Seekers for helping her Mum to sell her park home that she personally thanked us all at Seekers for our work.

What a happy outcome!  But that is not all; Seekers have sold two other homes on Penton Park within the last year; one on Eastern Avenue and one on Midway Avenue.

If you have a park home to sell take a leaf out of Margaret’s book and contact Seekers today by completing our enquiry form on the contact page or call us on 01252 313554.

11th October 2017 - Posted in News