Send A Letter To Seekers

At Seekers we are always delighted to receive correspondence from our clients especially when they follow the sale of a Park Home.  This month Seekers have received letters from two lovely ladies, Jacqui and Daphne.

Jacqui’s Mother had gone into care and her 1986 Omar park home needed to be sold.  Seekers found Jacqui a buyer within a month!  Here is an except from Jacqui’s letter:- “Thank you for selling my Mother’s park home on Villa Park in Bedford.  I was especially impressed at the speed in which a buyer was found.”

Seekers provide access to solicitors especially trained in park home law but Daphne chose to waiver this service so, because we like to guide our clients at every step, we sent her the Government Forms so she could complete the process herself.  After we sold Daphne’s home in Strande Park, Maidenhead she wrote:-”You provided me with the Government Schedule Forms which I filled out and the whole process went ahead smoothly.”

Why not send us a letter?  Tell us about your experiences with Seekers or if you have a park home you wish to sell contact Seekers today by completing our enquiry form on the contact page or call us on 01252 313554.



25th April 2018 - Posted in News