Beat Brexit With Seekers

Is the news about Brexit getting you down?  Are you nervous about the property market?  Hesitant about advertising your park home?

If your answer to these questions is “yes” then come to Seekers and let us take the worry off you!

It’s true the property market is affected by financial global events but this need not be the depressing news that the media would have us believe.

We, at Seekers, are continuing to sell park homes across the country.  Indeed just recently we have sold a park home on Strande Park in Berkshire and previous to this park homes were sold in Cornwall, Shropshire and West Sussex.  Park homes will continue to be advertised and sold purely because there is a vibrant market out there for them; people love them!  Part of the appeal appears to be that park homes are detached, low maintenance and usually come with that neighbourliness that is disappearing in our bricks and mortar streets.

So stop worrying about Brexit and phone Seekers now on 01252 313554 or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page.


21st March 2019 - Posted in News