Let Seekers Add Sparkle This Christmas

What a year it has been! Twelve months ago no-one could envisage what has taken place in 2020 with all the upset, upheaval and uncertainty.

One thing has remained consistent and that is Seekers ability to carry on marketing and selling park homes even in these difficult times. Every month since lockdown began Seekers have held on and sold park homes despite the markets being in turmoil.

Seekers continue their long reach and in this Christmas month have sold homes in Pool View Park in Shropshire, Rosewater Park in Cornwall and Collins Wood Park in Bedfordshire.

As the business year draws to a close let us be thankful and enjoy some sparkle this Christmas Season recharging our batteries for whatever the new year brings. So, if you are on the look out for a park home and need some sparkle for the New Year contact Seekers now on 01252 313554 or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page and continue to keep safe.

8th December 2020 - Posted in News