New Seekers 2022 Park Home News Arrives

February can be a “nothing month” whereby everything comes to a standstill. This phenomena is prevalent throughout the market because January is the month of lean bank accounts and March is the month of new beginnings; this leaves February like the “middle child” neither first nor last.

The great news this month is our latest Park Home News magazine is just off the press and being distributed as I write! With over 90 pages this magazine is packed with valuable advice for park home owner and park home seeker alike. Along with the exciting Seekers Property Section, which advertises close to 200 park homes, there are articles on park home refurbishment, park home insurance, park home surveys, park home legislation as well as ‘softer’ articles on park home gardening, local wildlife, cookery and a puzzle page.

At the same time as this year’s Park Home News makes its entrance, Seekers have sold park homes on Merton Park in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire and Hilton Park in Flintshire, Wales; a broad reach for any estate agent!

So, don’t let February freeze you out – make sure to obtain a copy of our new magazine by contacting us now on 01252 313554 or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page.

18th February 2022 - Posted in News