A Postcard From Seekers

After selling park homes for over 33 years our man Keith Morgan constantly looks for new and inventive ways of promoting the Seekers Brand.

This year he has come up with the innovative idea of postcards informing people of just where Seekers have sold around Britain.  Each month Seekers will be targeting a different mobile home park around Britain informing the people living on the park, who may be thinking of selling their mobile home, that Seekers are here to help; and as is often the case Seekers may well have sold a park home near them!

So as well as all the other holiday postcards from family and friends make sure you look out for the Seekers Postcard; it may just be the opening you’re looking for.

If you want to use an agent who has just sold a home on your park and is looking urgently for similar homes to sell get in touch with Seekers on the contact page or by telephoning 01252 313554.


2nd July 2016 - Posted in News